Irish Set Dancing in Nova Scotia

The most fun you can have on two feet

Scaip na Cleiti* is the Irish Set Dancing group in Nova Scotia. We have two weekly activities, a Sunday afternoon dance music session at the Old Triangle and a Monday evening class. We also meet bi-weekly for sean-nůs step classes.

Irish Set Dancing is sweeping the world. To put it simply, eight people create a square formation, and follow a series of movements using simple footwork. More than that, it's cultural, musical, social and good exercise. This article, The Joy of Sets, by Bill Lynch, explains set dancing to non-set dancers.

Our signature event is the annual Sets in September. In 2016, we'll see you September 9-12.

Travelling dancers are welcome at all our Halifax events. Scaip na Cleiti Dancers are available for performances, demonstrations and instruction.

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*Skap na cletee (Toss the Feathers)

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Photo by Bill Lynch,

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