Irish Set Dancing in Nova Scotia

The most fun you can have on two feet

Weekly Events

Monday set dancing classes
Set dance classes take place Monday nights at the Happy Soul Dance Studios, Studio B, 3089 Oxford Street, Halifax. Classes are 6:30-8:00 pm, and taught by Elizabeth MacDonald. We offer classes in Fall, Winter and Spring. Dancers are welcome for individual classes or the entire session. Email for specific dates.

Men and women are welcome, partners or solo. No special clothing or shoes are required, but you will be more comfortable in light clothing and you will find the steps easier in shoes with leather soles. Bring water!

Don't worry if you "can't dance." The dances look challenging, but you'll quickly learn to recognize patterns. This is folk dancing, and it has evolved to facilitate participation. See you there!

Bi-weekly step dancing classes
We also offer a traditional Irish step dance class. Traditional step dancing is much lower to the floor than the modern style, without the high kicking. Bring water and shoes with hard soles, if you have them.

Elizabeth MacDonald teaching step class

Happy Soul Dance Studios, Studio B, 3089 Oxford Street, Halifax

Thursday, 7:00-8:00 pm

Email for more information and dates.

Sunday sessions
We dance Sundays, 2-4 pm, at The Old Triangle, 5136 Prince Street. Come to dance or watch. The afternoons are casual and fun. There's a full menu, with brunch served 11 to 2. Children are welcome. Live music is provided by a traditional Irish session that continues until at least 5 pm, led by Kevin Roach and Jane Lombard. Players welcome!

Easter at the Pub. Photo by Bill Lynch @

Music sessions
Several weekly sessions take place in Halifax and other Nova Scotia locations. See The Session, which includes sessions around the world.

"If you can walk, you can dance."